The company was found in 2019 year. Main mission is to export certified farm equipment that was produced in Ukraine. We are exclusive distributor of “AEGROUP” company, that is one of the largest farm’s equipment manufacture.
Having unique selling conditions of equipment, WorkerMachines offers you professional units for safe transportation of equipment, cultivating land and harvesting, at a favorable and, of course, comfortable price.
All equipment has been tested at the European fields. It is best fitted for cultivating land in the territory of West Europe to which Romania applies.
The optimum ratio of price and quality allows our equipment to be successfully competed with leading European manufacturers of products like that.
Buying equipment from WM you guaranteed get good service and client’s support 24/7. The important thing in having cooperation with us it is high level of service: we do commissioning work directly at yours! And if something happens with our equipment, some damage, some breakage, (it never happens because of control’s quality) our specialists from client’s service quickly do to you and make local repairing at any period of using.
By the way, buying our equipment, in addition you get studying videos, that will help you as in setting/using, and in proper storage, that allows you to extend life cycle of our equipment and reducing depreciation and amortization.
We work for you with attention to your harvest.
We will answer on your questions with pleasure and we will consider your wishes.