Farmers have lots of useful things in their farms and nothing odd. Each single type of implement or machine is necessary, performing important functions. If something is in lack, connection collapses in the process chain. As a result, both a farmer and  a consumer of agricultural equipment fail. Nowadays, a farmer cannot do without Two-Axle Trailer Transporter. 

Function of Transporter

This versatility equipment is  is suitable for the Ukrainian and foreign headers. The ‘’АEGROUP’’ company produces and provides all the required facilities. 

 Advantages of Transporter :

  • high mobility due to optimum turning radius;
  • increase resistance of construction;
  • safety transfer header due to bright headlights;
  • conditions for techniques with extra rigging;
  • unpretentiousness on any roads;
  • convenient service and adjustment equipment;
  • collapsible construction;
  • price suitable for the Ukrainian farmer.

Buy Transporter for sunflower header in Romania

Pay attention to the catalogue of the website and observe agricultural equipment. The production was checked in real conditions before the sale. You can read technical characteristics of each single model in the description.Our salesperson will be pleased to advise you on all the matters related to our production. Fill in the application form on our website so that we could contact you.