This equipment is necessary used for preparing the soil to sowing. Dry and solid soil after ploughing lies clod and is unsuitable for seed intake. The function of HYDRAULIC FOLDABLE ROLLER is breakage and rolling soil. We are official representative of the Ukrainian company “Aegroup”. You can observe and buy it or the other farming equipment with the best price on the website of our company.

  • independent  wheel base makes transportation of LAND ROLLER to the field much easier;
  • mutual moving of rings about plate makes the function of self-cleaning out of sticking humid soil;
  • hydraulic system allows to gather and repair the appliance by force of one mechanic;
  • reliable construction of all components;
  • possibility to order all the necessary details with our help;
  • high quality, tested in the real conditions;
  • official guarantee to all types of farming equipment;
  • utilizing with tractor at the capacity of 100 horsepower and over. 

The equipment helps not only mill and line up soil, but also improves capillarity of soil. Moreover, LAND ROLLER prepares to plowed field for even overlapping and marking herbicidal grid. In addition, it maintains winter and spring rainfalls.

 Hydraulic foldable roller is fixed up to solid-drawn metal pipe, the strength of which is increased due to square form in the context. Engineers of manufacturer company made everything for assembling and repairing to be convenient. Farmer is able to service hydraulic foldable roller without any help. 

Order farming equipment in Romania 

Farmers choose and recommend this model, due to the fact they implement it for years in the work of small and medium scale farms. Pay attention to the catalogue of the website and observe several options of equipment related to rolling soil with different operative width and  wheel diameter. Technical characteristics of each single model you can read in the description. Our salesperson will be pleased to advise you on all matters related to our production. Fill in the application form on our website so that we could contact you.