Sunflower header “SUNWORKER”



Sunflower is the major agricultural crop. The main role is related to the stage of harvesting. In order to gather the harvest, we utilise the sunflower header.


Prior, to buying the sunflower header you should explore all the abilities. Moreover, correctly selected equipment  supplies with the opportunity to save petrol, oil and lubricants, as well as, is less time-consuming. The modern header “SUNWORKER” reduces loss of sunflower seeds.

Sunflower header “SUNWORKER” produced by Aegroup is work product of the Ukrainian engineers. Having analyzed the constructional details of the best world brands, we took into account all their advantages and disadvantages, along with emphasized the specifics of the culture.


The result of work is the new-and-improved set of sunflower header “SUNWORKER”.

Operative width of the capture on the sidewalls is 6; 7,4; 9,1 m.

You are able to order the equipment with operative width of the capture  4,2 or 10,4 m constantly. In addition to it, you can choose the color of sunflower header “SUNWORKER”.

Сharacteristics of sunflower header “SUNWORKER”


There is a possibility to set up appropriate header ‘SUNWORKER’ for any type of combine.

Minimum harvest loss, up to 1% :

  • the system of harvesting helps to avoid losses working on fields with solid crops, as well as in places of turns;
  • increasing tip of elevator and modernization by the spinner improves smooth stroke of the stalk on the cutting knife;
  • edge’s height of lifts is designed for gathering flowers of any size;
  • demountable special angles are installed on the lifters in order to reduce the distances between them and prevent from small flowers slipping through;
  • lifters without special angles are used while gathering large flowers;
  • the protective grids of a reel and a screw make it possible to utilize equipment for the sunflower of any kind.

Technical service :

  • the auger, reel and blind are easy to set up for cutting flowers of different sizes considering  yields density; 
  • using chain-drive sprocket, you can increase or decrease reel’s rotation speed;
  • convenient  mechanism to open cheek.

High productivity :

  • Sunflower header cuts only flowers, thus, it reduces consumption of fuels and the process of harvesting takes up less time;
  • special reel’s petals quickly help to submit the cutting parts to the  receiver of auger;
  • double mitering scythe cuts in both directions;
  • lifts’ angle is adjusted according to the necessary flowers height;
  • The equipment even cuts tops of weak and  lying sunflowers on the ground.

Reliability :

  • reinforced auger and bowframe;
  • cone sleeve tightly fixed angle of belt contact;
  • scythe’s drive reducer holds a special affixment in order to defend cheeks from dynamic loads;
  • reduction unit like Schumacher guarantees  trouble-free operation for a long time;
  • chain “Claas” keeps  powerful load without elongation.

Extra items for equipment :

  • Delivery-adapter to any type of combine;
  • stands for off-season storage;
  • Spare parts kit : scythe 1 point (appropriate to models 4.2, 6.0, 7.4 m.) or 2 points (appropriate to models 9.1 and 10.4 m.); fingers – 5 points; segments – 5 points; belt optibelt – 1 point; hardware;
  • video instruction with sunflower header SUNWORKER service descriptive system. 

The quality control of items is held at every stage of manufacturing, since producing items at foundry till the final assembling stage.  

We are constantly looking for new engineering solutions so that the harvesting of sunflowers is more effective and productive. Do not hesitate to make your remarks and suggestion.