The soil has already ploughed. However, it isn’t ready to intake the seed. Why? Due to the solid and dry soil which lies like clots. The seeds will dry or the birds eat it, before the plant intergrow and take roots. The owners big farming yards choose HYDRAULIC FOLDABLE ROLLER. “Aegroup” company produces it in Ukraine. 

Functions LAND ROLLER 12.5 in agricultural industry

  • mill and line up soil after ploughing;
  • keep rainfalls in the soil, which emerge after raining or snowing;
  • increase capillarity and improve the structure in the top of layer;
  • creation the peculiar capsule of parts the soil for even allocation moisture in arable land;
  • save farmers’ time and cash;
  • provision kindly emergence spring crops and winter crop of seedlings;
  • prepare the soil for herbicides injection;
  • the function of self-cleaning out of sticking gummy ground.

LAND ROLLER structure

This equipment has square and metal-framed which keeps hard loads. LAND ROLLER simple in use and quickly sets up. It’s easy manage with solid and dry surface of ground. As a result of hydraulic system, the equipment is able to conform different functions. Simple and reliable construction allow utilising it in different soil-climatic conditions. 

All the details are produced compliance with high quality standards. Repair and service by force of one mechanic, due to the fact all the elements isolate and change without any help.  Our company cares with delivery necessary spare parts. 

Buy LAND ROLLER in Romania

Pay attention to the catalogue of the website and observe several models with technical characteristics of each single model  in the description. For instance, LAND ROLLER HYDRAULIC FOLDABLE ROLLER 12,5 m is intended for medium farm yards.However, you can choose models with grasp width 6 and 12.5 m. Our salesperson will be pleased to advise you on all matters related to our production. Fill in the application form on our website so that we could contact you.