Function: soil plowing for grain and industrial crops to a depth of 20-35 cm


The plow is aggregated with tractors of the III class
It can be equipped with three corps


  • operative width – 3 600 mm, distance between working parts – 600 mm
  • the wheel consists of a tire set 6.5 -10 10 PR BKT FL-252 for loaders
  • reinforced frame made of profile pipes 120×120 mm
  • turning the soil layer up to 120° improves microbiological processes in the root zone of plants. This is due to the mixing and embedding of plant residues at 2/3 the depth of plowing. The superficial fertile layer of the earth with important microorganisms does not fall down to the very bottom of the furrow, but turns out to be approximately in the middle of the arable layer, in the life zone of aerobic bacteria. So in the zone of plants’ root nutrition fertility is preserved. At the same time, weed seeds are laid at an uncomfortable depth for early growth, so that they germinate much later than cultivated plants
  • the shell is equipped with a left knife which reduces the pulling force on the plow by 40%. This allows you to increase the covering width up to 60 cm – for one working part. Fuel and lubricants cost are reduced and time is saved by reducing the number of passes and turns. The tractor does not work along the furrow but next to it. Due to this, the “oil starvation” is turned off on the left side of the tractor’s transmission, and the mechanic’s fatigue is also reduced
  • reinforced shell construction (“a shoe”) helps to increase the working body’s resource to 2,000 hectares
  • double-sided knife, self-sharpening central plowshare
  • adjustment system for loosening depth using tractor hydraulics and wheel height

Tekrone composite blade,reduces the pulling force of the plow. Thus, with almost the same workload on the tractor, the processing speed of the plot increases and the fuel costs are reduced.

The unique composite material of the plow provides:

  • strength – technical characteristics are similar to steel;
  • durability – resistance is three times higher than steel has;
  • low friction – coefficient 0.15;
  • zero sticking – it is impossible to glue something to the Tekron surface.


Characteristics Measurement Amount
Shell unit 3 6
Shell width mm 600 600
Operative width mm 1800 3600
Depth of cultivation
on the vertical bench mm up to 300
on a horizontal bench mm up to 250
Overall dimensions:
length mm 3150 3800
width mm 2000 3300
height mm 1500 1500
Weight kg 850 1350