ADVANTAGES: improvement of soil aeration, regulation of air and water balance, plow pan destruction, moisture retention, increasing crop yields.

The use of the DEEP SOIL WORKER deeply extender promotes:

  •    Operative width – 2800 mm, weight – 2140 kg, working parts- 7 units, the minimum power of a tractor – 250 hp, recommended – 280 hp;
  •     depth of loosening – up to 55 cm – is regulated by the hydraulic system;
  •     equipped with two float rollers, milling tool diameter – 550 mm;
  •     position of the rollers relative to each other is adjusted using a lanyard;
  •      thickness of the tool wall- 35 mm;
  •     distance between the working parts – 450 mm;
  •     the body of parts is made of gray iron at our foundry;
  •     shear bolts prevent frame damage in case of unexpected situations;
  •     reinforced frame – 150х150х8 and 100х100х8;
  •     aggregating on the tractor by the classical three-point hitch scheme;
  •     the subsoiler can be equipped with a pointed paw or chisel depending on the type of soil;
  •     life time  of the central knife – at least 800 hectares;
  •    optional additional accessories :

By using the “DEEP SOIL WORKER” subsoiler achieve:

  •     drainage of the fertile layer (removal of excess rain and melt water);
  •     creation of conditions for the absorption of moisture from the air and its equable distribution;
  •     the soil reinforcement: water permeability improves up to 20%, over 300 tons of moisture per hectare are accumulated;
  •     prevention of water “saucers” which delay the timely start of spring field work, due to the deep infiltration of moisture and its accumulation in the lower layer;
  •     prevention of air and water erosion;
  •     increasing porosity and improving the capillary system of the soil;
  •     activation of biological processes that cause the active development of the crops’ root systems, an increase in yield up to 12-18%;
  •     activation of microbiological processes. It improves the nutritional regime of the arable layer and the circulation of substances;
  •     decrease in soil resistance during the work of tractors with other equipment. It occurs by reducing the density of the soil, and this leads to savings in fuel, lubricants and reduced maintenance burden;
  •     optimization of heavy soil cultivation: the float roller with many spurs breaks up big lumps. The spurs immerse crop residues in the lower layers of the soil and mix them with the soil, shifting the plexus of the roots. At the same time the bulk of the stubble remains on the surface, forming a layer of mulch.

Equipment deeply exhausting with additional options at customer’s choice:

  1.   left or right side knife that enlarges the area of loosening and cuts the root system of pre-harvested crops;
  2.   the wheels for reducing traction load;
  3.   dry or liquid fertilizer application system.

The spare parts kit includes:

  • chisels or ogival pows – 3 pcs, bolts – 11 pcs, internal screw – 16 pcs, shim- 29 pcs


The DEEP SOIL WORKER’s quality is confirmed by the certificate СЄ

The modern technologies of cating and metal processing give posibility to meet world standarts of production


Parameters Units Value
Weight kg 2140
working parts amount 7
Maximum depth of processing mm 550
Recommended tractor power hp 132(206)-180(280)
Operative width mm 2800
Efficiency ha\h 2,4
Working speed (max.) km\h 8
Distance between working parts mm 450
Transport speed km\h 15
length mm 3300
width mm 3070
height mm 2168