The farmer not only cares about conserving harvest, but also prepares arable land for sowing in advance.The field with remained stems and roots is difficult to plow and do the further agricultural activities. In order to prepare the land for sowing we use the chop residues chopper. 

Useful “CHOP WORKER” functions

  • do the soil enrich of nutrients;
  • do the breathing layer;
  • maintain the balance temperature above the soil;
  • barrier growing  and spreading weed;
  • keep moisture in the soil;
  • protect organically from demolition the soil.

“CHOP WORKER” structure

The chop residues chopper consists of 16 barrels mirrored to each other. The optimal declivity angle, and also apparatus with duplex knife, allow to cut stems with any height and width. The machine supplies with assembling of hydraulic system, which gives opportunity for servicing by force of 1 worker. Adjustment is used for affixment to three dotted hanging tractor.  

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